Wednesday Bible Study

A place where seekers and followers of Christ come together to study and learn the principles of God’s Word and his plan for their lives. The 2019 Spring Semester has started.  We meet every Wednesday, 6:30 to 7:30 pm, with classes for children of all ages, middle/high school students, and adults.

GP Students

GP Kids:  

Pre K & Kindergarten, Taught by Ms. Becky

Becky will be teaching the Pre K and Kindergarten about the 10 Commandments.


Elementary Grades, Taught by Ms Amanda. 

Our current series start September 4th call Roanoke Jones. Here's a short description. 

Welcome to a world of mystery and villainy where only your wits can help you. Join Roanoke Jones and his friends as they seek to stop the evil Professor Arty Morty from taking over the city. Along the way your children will follow the clues through some of the Bible’s greatest detective stories. Gather the evidence! Follow the clues! Unravel the mystery! Solve the case!


GP Youth: 

Middle School &  High School Students. Taught by Bryan Hilgemann

The theme for this fall in our youth ministry is Stop.Breathe.Continue. The students will begin this journey of learning to stop in the mist of a chaotic schedule. Students are being pulled in several different directions, the best thing to do is to stop, breathe, and continue.

Our Current Series is “Stop.Breathe.Continue” where we will walk students on what it means to simply spend time with God and learn and listen through silence, solitude and rest.

Yearly Theme: Stop.Breathe.Continue.

Yearly Theme: Stop.Breathe.Continue.