Wednesday Bible Study

A place where seekers and followers of Christ come together to study and learn the principles of God’s Word and his plan for their lives. The 2019 Spring Semester has started.  We meet every Wednesday, 6:30 to 8:00 pm, with classes for children of all ages, middle/high school students, and adults.

GP Students

GP Kids:  

Pre K & Kindergarten, Taught by Ms. Becky

Becky will be teaching the Pre K and Kindergarten about the Fruit of the Spirit.


Elementary Grades, Taught by Ms Amanda. 

We are starting a new Curriculum by Elevate Curriculum called Winter Extreme. Here's a short description. 

On top of this mountain, we do everything to the EXTREME! From skiing to snowboarding, ice sculpting to snowball fights, nothing is too EXTREME! for us. Especially living EXTREME! lives for God. This series takes an EXTREME! look at the teachings of Jesus.


GP Youth: 

Middle School &  High School Students. Taught by Bryan Hilgemann

The theme for this fall in our youth ministry is Amplify. The students will be seeking to Amplify Christ's call in their lives. They will learn to be world changers and help fulfill the great calling in their lives to follow Jesus.

Our Current Series is “Project Serve,” where we will empower our young people to use their gifts, talents and abilities to amplify the call of Christ.

Project Serve Cover.jpg


This semester there are 2 different classes for adults.


Women's Ministry

The Best yest Bible Study has begun. This is the same Bible Study that we started last Fall, but were unable to complete. You are still welcome to join us next week.



Adult Ministry

This Semester for Bible Study we will have a class for adults taught by Mitch Morrow entitled “James.”