Glenn Park University

A place where seekers and followers of Christ come together to study and learn the principles of God’s Word and his plan for their lives. The 2018 Spring Semester begins on January 17th. We meet every Wednesday, 6:30 to 8:00pm, with classes for children of all ages, middle/high school students, and adults.

We have classes for all kids and students.

SPARK: Pre-K kiddos, taught by Miss Becky.

IGNITE: Elementary kiddos, taught by Amanda Ross.
My Master’s Plan — Jesus has a perfect plan for your life and living out His plan is the ultimate act of obedience.

GLOW: Middle School (6 to 8th grade) students.

SHINE: High School (9-12th grade) students.

This semester there are 3 different classes for adults. Take a look at the class descriptions.

A Journey Through the Minor Prophets: A study through the books of Habakkuk (4 weeks) and Haggai (5 weeks). Taught by Mitch Morrow.

Women’s Bible Study of 2 Corinthians: The city of ancient Corinth was much like our own modern-day cities: a melting pot of electrifying cultural experiences to be had, along with the myriad pitfalls of spiritual depravity. Still, Paul wrote to the church of God in Corinth. Meaning Gods’ church is meant to thrive in any city and every circumstance in which we find ourselves. Paul’s letter is as timely as ever. Taught by Connie Parrott, begin Wed, Sep 20th.

You Are Not Alone: Are you ever at a loss for words when someone you know experiences a death or another kind of loss? People often feel alone in their grief and knowing that someone cares is so important. It is often hard to know what to say or do. In this class, we will discuss different types of loss, how to encourage those who are grieving and explore what the Bible teaches about grief and loss. Taught by Terri Gray.