Glenn Park University

A place where seekers and followers of Christ come together to study and learn the principles of God’s Word and his plan for their lives. The 2018 Fall Semester begins on September 12th.  We meet every Wednesday, 6:30 to 8:00pm, with classes for children of all ages, middle/high school students, and adults.

GP Students

GP Kids:  

Pre K & Kindergarten, Taught by Ms. Becky

Elementary Grades, Taught by TBD. 

We are starting a new Curriculum by Elevate Curriculum called Altitude. Here's a short description. 

Welcome to the Anaconda Mountain range! It’s home to some of the world’s toughest peaks and also home to Altitude, the best base camp and climbing shop there is. We’ll join the shop owner, Cliff, and his newest employee, Hitch, as they guide climbing teams up the seven peaks. And to help everyone make it to the top, we’ll learn lessons from the Beatitudes in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount! So pack all your climbing gear, assemble the team, and double check weather conditions, because it’s time to climb some mountains!


GP Youth: 

Middle School &  High School Students. Taught by Bryan Hilgemann

The theme for this fall in our youth ministry is Amplify. The students will be seeking to Amplify Christ's call in their lives. They will learn to be world changers and help fulfill the great calling in their lives to follow Jesus.



This semester there are 2 different classes for adults.

Women's Ministry

 Adult Ministry

This fall for GPU we will have a class for adults taught by Richard Meier and Mitch Morrow entitled 'The Hidden Christ: Jesus in the Old Testament.' We are going to study where Jesus appears throughout the book of the Old Testament in pictures known as typology.