Small Groups

One of the core pieces of our ministry philosophy is discipleship. That’s a big word, but basically it means the same thing as being mentored and educated in the ways of God by others who are further along in their walk with Christ. While Sunday morning is a great time to experience the wonder and mystery of God with the entire congregation, there’s not a lot of availability for deep and meaningful interaction with others. With that in mind, Glenn Park offers “small groups” to give an opportunity for that interaction to take place.

What is a small group? A small group is literally a group of people (between 8 and 10) who get together once per week, not only to study God’s Word, but also to have community and build meaningful relationships. Small groups eat together, study together, pray together, worship together, and serve together. Small groups are a great way to get involved in the Church, and are a non-threatening entry point for new folks to get to know others and begin to plug into a group of friends.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy being involved in, contact the church office!