Sunday School

Each week, Glenn Park has Sunday School Classes that meet throughout the building prior to the Worship Gathering in the Worship Center.  Our committed facilitators teach on a variety of Biblical subjects, and each has their own style.  Try out as many as you like so that you can find the right class that fits you! Additionally, there are classes available for ages Kindergarten through 12th Grade where students will learn all kinds of amazing stories, truths, and skills to grow in their faith.

Sunday Schools meet at 9:00am each Sunday.

Cornerstone, taught by Larry & Debbie Long – Downstairs, room B4

Master’s Blend, taught by Mitch Morrow – Downstairs, room B3

Son Seekers, taught by Richard Meier & Mark Hall – Room B2

Living Today, taught by Del Jolliff  – Fireside Room

Brunch Bunch, taught by Lou Yarnold – Downstairs, newly refurbished area

Women of the Word, taught by Karen Fifer – Downstairs, newly refurbished area

Young Adults, taught by Chad and Christine Parrott – Downstairs, newly refurbished area

Kindergarten through 5th grade, taught by Amanda Hilgemann– Youth wing upstairs

Middle and High School taught by Bryan Hilgemann – Youth wing upstairs