Glenn Park puts a high priority on supporting both world and local missions and our mission team works to keep our missionaries and our church in communication with each other.  In addition to world and local missions, this ministry supports our college students within the Church body who are attending Christian colleges with the intent of going into full time ministry when their degree programs are complete.

Short Term Trips

Glenn Park believes wholeheartedly in commissioning and sending out Church members on short term (up to 30 days) missions trips in support of our sponsored local organizations and overseas missionaries in the field.

Supported World Missions

Brazil Christian Missions
Starla & Luiz Azevado
Recife, Brazil

CMF International
Steve & Debbie Palich
David Giles
Indianapolis, IN

Pioneer Bible Translators
Brad & Tammy Harvey
Dodoma, Tanzania, East Africa

Rob & Carla Harris

Phil & Tabita McAfee
Sombradinho, Brazil

Team Expansion
Bobby and Mandy Graham
Buipe, Ghana, Africa

Supported Local Missions

Cookson Hills Christian Ministries
Kansas, OK

Ronald McDonald House

Wichita, KS

Union Rescue Mission
Wichita, KS