Our Feel

Glenn Park is very much a “come as you are” church.  We know that everyone is at a different point in their journey with Christ.  Some are just starting out, and some have been with Him for years.  We strive to be a melting pot where all can come and worship.

Our Style

We are an inter-generational church that strives to worship together.  That means a mix of favorite hymns, modern worship songs, modern technology, and steeped traditions that gives all generations a chance to experience Christ in Worship.

Be Our Guest

When you visit Glenn Park, our Guest Services team will be there to help you.  From visitor parking when you arrive, to greeting you at the door, to helping you find the nursery for your infants, find classes for your children, a class for your teen, a class for you, or a seat in the Worship Center, our goal is to make you feel as welcome as possible on Sunday mornings! If you have questions, please ask one of them or visit the Information Center, located near the restrooms and elevator.